Presidential Campaign Songs 1789-1996
Producer: Smithsonian Institution
Media: CD/Cassette  Year: 1999
The Wild Blue Over Vietnam 
Oscar's 100th Recording, Created at the 
Insistence of Vietnam Veterans
Media: CD  Year: 2002


Title: I Love Cats         Click for Mp3 Sound Samples:  
Producer: Alcazar-Alacazam
Media: CD/Cassette
Year: 1995

Title: Get A Dog        Click for .wav Sound Samples:  
Producer: Alcazar-Alacazam
Media: CD/Cassette
Year: 1996

Title: Bawdy Songs Rides Again
Brand new recording of 20 of the most requested bawdy songs.
Media: CD

Title: The Wild Blue Yonder
Songs of our fighting Air Force.
Media: CD


Title: American Dreamer
Oscar Brand with the Legendary Secret Band
Media: CD


Title: Bawdy Sea Shanties
Producer: Audio Fidelity
Media: CD/Cassette
Title: Bawdy Western Songs
Producer: Audio Fidelity
Media: Cassette
Title: 100 Proof
Producer: Caedmon
Media: Cassette
Comment: Drinking Songs
Title: Party at Oscar's Place
Producer: Peter Pan Studios
Media: VHS
Comment: Video for Ages 2-10
Title: I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing
Producer: Peter Pan 
Media: CD & Cassette
Comment: Traditional for Children 
Title: Brand X
Producer: Roulette
Media: LP
Comment: Egregiously Bawdy
Title: Best Of The Worst
Producer: Roulette
Media: Cassette
Comment: Bawdy Country
Title: Pie In The Sky
Producer: Tradition (Rykodisc CD)
Media: CD
Comment: American Satire


1948 Absolute Nonsense Riverside
1949 Backroom Ballads Crest
1949 Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Vol. 1 Audio Fidelity
1949 Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Vol. 2 Audio Fidelity
1949 G.I. American Army Songs Riverside
1949 G.I. American Army Songs Riverside
1950 Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Vol. 3 Audio Fidelity
1951 Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Vol. 4 Audio Fidelity
1952 Bawdy Sea Shanties Audio Fidelity
1954 Rollicking Sea Shanties Audio Fidelity
1955 Bawdy Hootenanny Audio Fidelity
1955 Bawdy Songs Goes to College Audio Fidelity
1956 Sing-Along Bawdy Songs Audio Fidelity
1956 The Wild Blue Yonder Elektra
1957 Bawdy Western Songs Audio Fidelity
1969    Pie in the Sky Tradition
196 American Drinking Songs Riverside
1970 Laughing America Tradition
1977 Sing-A-Longs: I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing,... Peter Pan
1978 Singing Holidays Caedmon
1980 Oscar Brand/Jean Ritchie Everest
1980 Oscar Brand Celebrates the First... Caedmon
1981 Billy the Kid in Song & Story Caedmon
1981 Trick or Treat Caedmon
1982 Singing Is Believing (Songs of the Advent.Season) Caedmon
1983 My Christmas Is Best  Caedmon
1985 American Dreamer Biograph
1987 100-Proof American Drinking Songs Caedmon
1987    I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing, Vol. 1 Peter Pan
1988 Singalongs: I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing,... Peter Pan
1988    I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing, Vol. 2 Peter Pan
1995   Get a Dog Alcazar/Alacazam!
1995   We Love Cats Alacazam!/Alcazar
A Folk Concert in Town Hall, New York City Smithsonian/Folkwys
Your Birthday Party Caedmon
Courting Songs Elektra
Sports Car Songs Elektra
Every Inch a Sailor Elektra
Up in the Air Elektra
Out of the Blue Elektra
Tell It to the Marines Elektra
Cough Elektra
For Doctors Only Elektra
Boating Songs Elektra
Macdougal & Bleeker Elektra
Songs Inane Only Riverside
Riddle Me This Riverside
Children's Concert at Town Hall Riverside
An Oscar Brand Songbag Riverside
The First Thanksgiving Caedmon
Paul Bunyan Caedmon
Happy Birthday (World Songs) Caedmon
Songs and Poems of the Sea Audio Fidelity
The Best of Bawdy Songs Audio Fidelity
Noah's Ark Young People's
Come to the Party Young People's
Bring a Song Johnny Young People's
Everybody Sing Young People's
Morality ABC Paramount
Oscar Brand Sings for Adults ABC Paramount
Folk Festival [compilation] ABC Paramount
Songs of '76 [4 Lps] Miller Brody
Songs for Tadpoles Miller Brody
Hop, Jump, & Sing with Oscar Brand Miller Brody
U.S. Presidential Campaign Songs Folkways
Town Hall Folkways
Brand X Roulette
The Best of the Worst Roulette
On Campus (Concert in Canada) Kapp
Shivaree Esoteric
The Americans Pickwick
Folksongs for Fun Decca
I Love Cats Alcazar/Alacazam!
Celebrate Infinity
Party at Oscar's Place [video] Peter Pan
We All Sing Peter Pan
1975 Best of Oscar Brand Tradition
1999   Presidential Campaign Songs: 1789-1996 Smithsonian - Folkways
1999   Bawdy Songs Rides Again Gypsy Hill

Appears On:

1972 Compilation Greatest Folksingers of '60s
1977 Ritchie, Jean None But One
1985 Ritchie, Jean O Love Is Teasin' 
1991 Folk Song America. Folk Song America, Vol. 2
1996 Taste of Tradition Taste of Tradition, Vol. 3
1996 Riverside Folklore Series Riverside Folklore Series, Vol. 3:
Compilation Bleecker & Macdougal: Folk Scene of
Cumberland Three Songs of the Civil War

Oscar's songs have also been recorded by:

Doris Day, Harry Belafonte, Don MacLean, Smothers Brothers,. Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Joan Baez,
The Travelers, The Limelighters, The Weavers, Pete Seeger, Peter Schickele, Cumberland Three, and countless others. 

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